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Originally Posted by HackD View Post
There are two basic models of the M14 classic design - the M14 long, with a ~500mm/21" barrel, and the newer M14 Socom II short model with a 16" barrel. The first is ideally suited for DMR, the latter is just as gameable as a classic M4 with a 14.5" barrel. It's more down to your physical conditioning as to whether you can handle either an M4 or an M14 in that size.

G&P I would stay away from as a first owner rifle - externals are great on them, but the internal gearbox quality-wise seems to leave something to be desired and usually needs some work to sort out if/when it breaks. VFC generally has a good reputation. As others have already suggested, i do strongly suggest you get age-verified - you can get cheaper in the classifieds than $500.00. I'm not quite understanding your reluctance to get age-verified, unless you are indeed under-aged.

Kit wise, you are forgetting about good and comfortable foot protection with ankle support. BDU's, you are looking at $50-150.00 a set, depending on style, availability, popularity and completeness of the set that you choose. Surplus stores sometimes aren't the best source for these - Tactical stores are also a good source. If you don't have one already, also consider a gun-bag to store/transport the chosen gun - add another $50.00-$100.00 for that. In another post, i mentioned a load bearing vest, chest rig, or plate carrier. You want at least a basic model to start. Condor has basic budget setups at reasonable cost - and the classifieds have plenty of setups from various manufacturers available at reduced cost. (starting at about $30.00). Pockets will NOT suffice. Add $15.00-30.00 per pouch, new, on top of that. Choose versatility in the form of Molle capability from the start.

At some point you will find a sidearm (pistol) comes in handy - budget $200-300.00 for a reasonable quality GBB pistol that won't break right away. That can come later, though.

Throw on top of that an extra spare battery in addition to the one in the gun, and a quality charger.

I'd strongly suggest that you spend a fair amount of time reading ALL the sections of this forum open to you currently as a non-age verified member - gear discussion, events schedule, accessories etc.. EVERYTHING. Read for detail, to get a sense of what is entirely involved in airsoft. You might think that you can get everything for $700.00 to initially set up. I have to disagree, especially if you are unwilling to age verify. There are bargains to be had, to cut your costs down, but $700.00 to kit out with new basics, even if you have some hunting related stuff? .. sorry, i don't see it. Prices have come down, but not that much. We can spend time answering your questions, but you need to form the big-picture on your own, and that takes time doing reading and researching.
This is bang on! Like i said before I bought a KA m4 and its really not the gun that takes all your money its the extras (bdu, vest/rig, i spent $30 per mag for magpul mid caps cause no one wants to hear your rattle, good footwear as mentioned, 1 point sling, sidearm and extra mags, ballistic goggles, the list really does go on and on).

Its great that you want to buy an expensive gun and if you have all the money to get all the extras too thats fortunate! But would anyone else agree that you dont need to put that much dough into your very first gun until you are more established?

All I am really saying is that in the grand scheme of things the gun is probably the least of the money you will be spending so try not to go overboard on the first one when there are guns that are half the price which shoot just as well.
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