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hey thanks.
Im thinking Ill drop $500 on the gun.
That leaves change for camos(as milsims require) as I need them, standard clothes can be bought cheaply at army surplus.

As for kit...$30 condor pouch, extra mag, eye pro and battery. shouldnt be too much more than 700 to get me started. The guns gonna run for a while as is.

Bit over budget but Im considering the VFC hk416- Im afraid if I go mp5 I will end up being outranged and that aint the game I wanna play. Moreso stalking with my pal with an acog/2-4x or something.(obviously my gun wont be shooting out that far stock)

But I wonder what else would be good for that style of play and still be good in a firefight? m14 seems too long range oriented and not handy enough, mp5 seems too much the opposite.

Thus I, sadly(like everyone else), come to the m4/hk416. How good are those G&P/VFC m4s with the full top rail and flip up sights?

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