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Originally Posted by pestobanana View Post
Poor wording on my part, I meant in general CYMA clones Maruis, this one is a Marui clone.

Actually I'm pretty sure the G&G M14 came before the Marui. Of all the other M14's out there only CA decided to go with the G&G design, which in my opinion is the better one.

As for the compatibility, if there is a mismatch I'm inclined to think it's G&P, because the guys at challenger airsoft told me the G&P uses different mags, although what they told me could be untrue, so don't take my word for it.
No mag cross compatibility issues - both CYMA and G&P can be selectively finicky for some reason for certain mag brands - or so i've heard. Both are generally TM mag compatible. I've so far had good luck with the various mag types that i've got (5 total), both the hi-cap winding, and mid-cap types with the three M14's that i've gone through (1 CYMA, 1 CYMA/AGM mongrel, 1 G&P).
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