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What you will find is that most of the people here will advise you to wait until you're 18. I think most of us have already experienced how immature people can be (even when they are 18+). Being at least 18 ensures that you can be held responsible legally, and a hope that there is some maturity. You wouldn't ask the MTO to grant you a G license because you as an individual are (or think you are) more mature than your peers.

Airsoft in Canada is definitely a community based sport/hobby/whatever-you-want-to-call-it and generally, you get as much as you can put into this. Once you get to know the people here, you'll find that they're willing to share a wealth of knowledge and resources, so there's definitely a lot invested. You should see why the community wouldn't want to put it at risk by allowing minors to circumvent not only the rules, but the laws as well. Wait until you're 18+, and we'll see that you get your fair share of BBs shot your way. =)
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