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PNV-57E is a fine choice, that is a seriously under appreciated piece of night vision kit. By all means take that one!

Speaking of night vision as I mentioned earlier, I picked up a second PVS-502 night vision scope for our Canadian Forces unit. We did not field the other one much last year since it was a late arrival and I had not managed to come up with a mount that would put it on a C7. (It came with a C1 mount). Didn't seem to bother our guys much since they just used the absurdly nice PVS-300 instead...

Anyhow, after the event, I did scoop up the correct Pic rail to NATO stanag adaptor and since I had a second scope on the way that also needed an adaptor I finally got everything out and set it all up on a spare rifle to make sure it all went together they way I wanted.


Don't mind the scrabba doo JG M16, it was just the closest one at hand.
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