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Sorry, I don,t mean to hijack this tread, but apart from integrating load bearing and body armour, is their another reason that military's seem the have mover away from tradional load bearing equipment, like web gear? Please read this as a question, and not a statement. I would like to hear what people have to say. I have seen companies like 5.11, putting out battle belts with suspenders, that look like a mole update of tradional load bearing. The chest rig makes sťance to me if you are in and out of a vehicle, but if you are a lowly ground pounder, isn't it best to keep your gear closer to your center of gravity, and out of your "work zone?
It's because systems like the IOTV, MTV and Interceptor remove the need to wear flackjackets and armor AS WELL as a load bearing webbing rig. Everything is contained to one unit. Your armor, ammunition, water, maps, gas masks and everything else can be rigged up to one system. It's simpler and more effective when you factor in what airsofters don't need to, an actual threat from that weapon pointed in your direction.

To the rest of the thread:
Items like SAPI/TRAUMA plates and ballistic helmets serve no purpose in airsoft, unlike reality. In airsoft, a cheap chinese peice of shit performs the EXACT same job in the EXACT same manner as a $600 OPSCORE helmet, it prevents you from bumping your head, it does not stop shrapnel and, usually, isn't needed to stop concussive injuries.

My point is, in airsoft, neither really has an advantage, it's prefrence and what is comfortable and works for you. In reality? Comfort isn't particularily your first concern.

I run a CIRAS Land variant (Molle plate carrier, with Point Blank training plates, as most plate carriers are a little "floppy" without plates), a Marom Dolphin Medics vest (Chest rig I guess, no armor to it), a CF 82 pattern webbing loadout and a Chicom 3 cell AK vest, depending on what I need. It's heavily situational and prefrential.
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Like seriously dude. The incredible lack of common sense in the question could be scientifically investigated for evidence of a black hole.
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