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Originally Posted by Retrogrouch View Post
I just found out their is an indoor game at. RIP tomorrow night. Julian at airsoft gear told me about it. Here's for the power of positive thinking.

Oh yeah... forgot to mention that it's usually Optix/Jules that rents out RIP for indoor games.

There's actually a pretty nice selection of fields out in van(-ish area) with Panther, NSPB, Tsawwassen, and RIP.

@ Ricochet, you don't come from Vancouver proper do you? (I remember you saying you came from the outskirts like Abby or something one time?) There's basically nothing around CoV and the other major cities (Burnaby, Richmond, NVan/WVan) cause it's all built up. Closest thing you might get away with is a farm in Richmond otherwise it's out to Abby, Langley, Mission, etc. Maybe Delta, maybe White Rock.
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