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Originally Posted by Retrogrouch View Post
Sorry, I don,t mean to hijack this tread, but apart from integrating load bearing and body armour, is their another reason that military's seem the have mover away from tradional load bearing equipment, like web gear? Please read this as a question, and not a statement. I would like to hear what people have to say. I have seen companies like 5.11, putting out battle belts with suspenders, that look like a mole update of tradional load bearing. The chest rig makes sťance to me if you are in and out of a vehicle, but if you are a lowly ground pounder, isn't it best to keep your gear closer to your center of gravity, and out of your "work zone?
Wear what you like. In airsoft it is all for looks. I prefer light and mobility. I have friends that dress the looks but also die trying to run all day because they are simply not fit for this sport.

In real military, it is the ability to carrier your ammo, support equipment and also have some level of projectile protection. None of that really applies to airsofting. You won't die if you forget to wear your airsoft plate carrier playing.

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