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Compatibility of version 7 g/b in Cyma M14 EBR

In the very near future, I will come into the possession of a Cyma M14 EBR (modelled after the Mk. 14 Mod 1 with crane stock) and I am curious if version 7 gearboxes that fit M14's with a full stock such as the Cyma regular length and SOCOM length M14's will fit into the the Cyma EBR?

I have never owned an M14 before so I'm assuming the motor and motor cage usually fits into the full stock of an M14. Unfortunately, it seems as if the motor of the EBR fits into pistol grip. Speculating from the angle of how the motor is attached to the gearbox in a version seven, standard version seven drop-in gearboxes don't seem to work.

And also, is the Cyma M14 EBR cloned from the G&G EBR? Aside from the different stocks. I'm speculating not, based upon the different battery storage positions.

If anyone could lend me their knowledge in this matter, please, help me out.

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