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If you need a hand selling yourself on the drive here’s the way to look at it:

How far do you drive to get to a normal airsoft event?

How much skirmish time do you have?

How long to drive back?

Even if we pretend like everything else is exactly equal, experience, equipment, everything, and just look at drive time vs. “in game” time going to East Wind makes more sense than you think.

Of course that argument only works if you are trying to convince yourself to go, it won’t hold much water against a determined spouse….

The other option if there’s not a gang to ride with is flying in. We’ve had people fly in from as far away as Saudi Arabia and we’ve got two coning in this year from the UK. When you’re already spending a week on vacation where room and board is setting you back $200 US, you’ve usually got some extra money to throw around.

Ack! Those prices are killer up there! We have generally gotten into our vehicles at some decent deals down here but nothing like that.

Not gotten any CF specific vehicles just yet but I did pick up a second PVS-502 night vision scope yesterday so we’re getting somewhere at least. :P

The guys do make a decent point about looking at all of your options. When I first started talking to the guys about this time last year about attendance, I pointed out that choosing to go as CF may take away some of the experience. After all, you guys already know how to be Canadians! Looking at other options does give you a chance to immerse yourself into a completely different culture, work with completely different equipment and even eat completely different foods.

It didn’t really work when I tried to explain it so I don’ expect it to work here either but it is a valid argument none the less.
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