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Originally Posted by Scrivah View Post
Get a king arms m4. Great value and great starter internals. Full metal V2 gearbox. Can be customized to shoot as good as any gun out there. Just my 2c
really now? not be mean here, but he did say that in original post that he was looking at a mp5 for his sniper's loadout and his friend a umarex g36, did you even read it?

Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
You can use many different camo types to hunt with, so cross compatible gear is
easy that way. However hunting camo doesn't work well to trick the human eye. You could very easily make a hunting platform out of a modular chest rig of some kind. High end/modern military gear beats the hell out of hunting gear.
so true, you can run an OD BDU or woodland, heck even multicam, or so says 5.11...
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