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Originally Posted by Basic-Wedge View Post
There has also been a fair bit of discussion about acquiring period correct vehicles, such as the Iltis and maybe a deuce and a half.
There are a crap ton of Iltis and MLVWs at auction in Ontario.

My last trip to the auction i saw a few Ilitsi go for under 500 fulling kitted and running. I watahced 3 MLs go for just over 1000 each with the trailer. the issue i see is getting them to the event. Lets face it the old iltis sucked for long road marches and the ML isnt the most fuel efficent truck out there not to mention the old "air tight" windsheilds.

I will keep an eye out for them agaian now.
Originally Posted by DBspotter View Post
A number of camo players just walked around with guns on their backs or hanging down with no kill indicators on them and expected players to know they are dead. I'm assuming most of these players drive BMW's and refuse to use the indicators because they know where they are going.
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