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It was only about one year ago that our two teams (Manitoba and Alberta) first heard of Operation East Wind. In only about five months, we were able to pull together that first contingent of five players. The rest of us going, this coming year, will have had the benefit of seventeen months to train and prepare. It helps that many in the two groups are former CF members, and that the Manitoba players were wearing the old CF kit in regular airsoft events anyway.

I'll make a point of adding a list, on the East Wind forums, of some of the better surplus dealers we've come to rely on for finding bits of old CF gear and kit. Knowing where to look makes the process of getting prepared _so_ much easier. We've also organized quite a few group purchases, and I'd suggest anyone else planning to attend this event try doing the same.

Additionally, the two teams and some of their individual members have made substantial investments in infrastructure items, like surplus communications equipment and tents. There has also been a fair bit of discussion about acquiring period correct vehicles, such as the Iltis and maybe a deuce and a half.

Much has already been done, and more is planned. Ironically, because of the funding restrictions the Canadian Forces operated under during the Cold War period, the average Canadian East Wind participant probably shows up at the event with more gear than the average Canadian soldier of that era was ever issued.
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