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Originally Posted by FirestormX View Post
But you'll also have people who like to slow the game down, make things a bit more realistic, do more tactics/planning, and so on, so that they can have an enjoyable experience.

ASC is made up of a lot of the latter category, and there are a lot of milsim games hosted every year, so you won't have trouble finding games that are more about that sort of experience. You have to remember airsoft guns are made as toys, meant for a large segment of people to have fun with them. So they have the ability to have an insane ROF, highcap mags, interchangeable parts between different gun types. But
huge +1 to this .. To the OP: if you want a more involved experience that doesn't boil down to CoD speedball, start making friends here, keep your eye on the games listings in your area, and be picky about which games you attend. Join a team and start getting into what makes airsoft games really interesting, strategy, communication, teamwork and creativity ..

The single quickest way to skip over all the bullshit and "noob struggles" as I like to call them is to join a crew of experienced players, and I don't mean backyard airsofters. If you show up at a game, try to see if you can join a squad of players who seem to know what they're doing and have a plan and a strategy, and try to fall in line with what they're doing. Being part of a team helps you get into the more interesting parts of the sport much quicker, and connects you to gun doctors, etc. Your concerns about realism and equipment issues will fade away as you focus more on the camaraderie and playing of roles.
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