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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
Those are dice though that I don't suggest people roll. There's a pretty laid back group in the area and the only real hitch about getting to the games is you have to drive there. If you're 15 etc. that can be a problem.

Opinion would have me saying the fellow who started this thread is sensible and doing his due diligence.
Yeah, the places that our group-of-groups is playing in the GTA tend to be well-hidden and difficult (treacherous, even) for any member of the public to wander onto.

The ultimate loophole of any WELL RUN airsoft setup on private land is that a stranger can wander onto private land without knowing what's going on. For this reason, I think one of the pillars of airsoft that we should be preaching to everyone is positive identification of opposing forces when pulling the trigger.
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