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1. Range issues. From what I gathered, 400pfs roughly gets you 30m accurate shooting and 50m for man size if you are lucky. But 50m is really short, isn't it? I can imagine how frustrate it is to see some1 and you have to sneak up THAT close to open fire.
Range do not depends that much on fps, but accuracy, or how consistent your gun is operating in every shooting. To get consistency you need high-quality internals (That is the most important difference between a 375 fps real airsoft and a 375 fps canadiantire "airsoft". ), high quality BBs, and well-tuned parts.

2. ROF and midcap hicap issue. Most of the videos I see, it's spray and pray. Ok, not wild spray, but still. With players running 300rd hicap and lipo, it is really unrealistic. And under such dense fire, even sticking a head out seems dangerous. I mean, some guns shoots so fast, the BBs are like a string of dots.
That is called suppressing fire. If everyone is playing in the spraying style with Hicap, that will take away a lot of realisim. But serious player will try not play in that style, fire in brusts, and using mid-caps. Game organizers may also set up rules limiting the amount ammo in each player, or limit the using of drum/box magazines to LMGs, and let the LMG gunners to do the suppressing, that way, the suppressing fire will actually improve realism. It is just how the players and organizers decide to go with the game.

3. Recoil and full auto. I know recoil is a technical restriction, so there is no solution to it. But full auto + no recoil, isn't it just like COD? How do you people like it? Doesn't it ruin some of the "realistic" experience?
I always pretend there is recoil by firing in brusts, to improve realism.

4. Sound and stealth. Even the loudest AEG seems much much quieter than silenced weapon. Coupled with "1 hit kill" and "dead man don't talk" rules. Isn't it frustrating hard to find where enemy is especially everyone is wearing camo.
Most people are not that good at stealth, and camo do not work that well. It is possible to move stealthly to get good firing position or use ambush, but once the firing starts, it is nearly possible to hide in close distance.

5. Gun differentiation, Mp5 = M4 = MSG as long as they are equipped with 300round mag.. that turns me off.
The different gun is mostly a personal preference thing, most people just pick one that thay like and fits their playing style.

I am really interested in airsoft, but those factors I mentioned above really turns me off.
I think airsoft should be like:
1. smg = 250fps + fullauto
2. rifles = 400fps + semi
3. mg = 400fps + fullauto but limited to 1 per 5 player or less
4. pistol = 250fps
5. all guns can carry less than twice of its real counter part (eg. 60 rounds for rifles). This is to limit hi-cap spam but compensate for inaccuracy of airsfots.
6. rof should be no faster than 2/3 of its real counter part (applys to smg and mg, rifle is semi) because the rounds travel much slower than real bullet, it is unrealistic to have the BBs fire this fast (think about distance between each bullet)
Some fields have rules similar that, but not that low for SMG/CQB weapons, 250 fps is too low.
Semi only for assault rifles is also unrealistic. There are other ways to prevent hi-cap spam, like a ammo carrying limit, or a rule preventing winding high-cap at the same time as firing.
Example: The AAS rule:

3.2 Weapon Velocity Limits
New Players
-new players will not be allowed to exceed 330fps (with 0.2g BBs) for their first 5 official AAS games.
-this limit can be raised by admins punish dangerous behavior. Also at the end of the 5 games any upgrades are subject to approval by admin staff.

CQB weapons
-full auto pistols and full auto CQB weapons may not exceed 330 fps (with 0.2g BBs).

Close-medium range weapons
-360 fps (with 0.2g BBs) is the limit for all AEGs not covered by the sniper class
-any airsoft gun shooting 330-360fps (with 0.2g BBs) should be used with common sense in CQB situations. Aim low, use as few shots as possible and be courteous.

Sniper- long range guns
-Sniper rifles may exceed 360 fps (with 0.2g BBs) however they are not to be used at medium and close range. For safety reasons this will be heavily enforced.
-AEG sniper rifles firing above 400fps must have a fire control computer installed to limit them to semi auto only with 1.5 second delay between shots. (
-No gun may exceed 500 fps (measured with 0.2g BBs)
-if you are new to the sport you will not be elligable for this class. All admissions to the sniper class are subject to the approval of the admin staff.

3.3 Magazine Specific Rules
-We prefer that people invest in locaps (30-70 rounds) since military simulation is what Airsoft is all about.
-we realize that not everyone can afford locaps so the following hicap rules will be in place at certain events for hicap users (but not all):
-Ammo cap of 300 rounds in the hicap. No spare ammo may be carried into the field. Hicap users will only be able to refill at respawn points. Spare locaps can be taken into the field.
-some event will also have a semi auto only rule for hicap users (not all events).

-boxmags can only be used on legitimate support weapons. This means they can only be used on LMG's such as the M249 or any weapon converted into a support machine guns like an Armalite Shrike or a PK.
-boxmags should be used on guns shooting 350fps or lower

But there are some other considerations. Some players cannot afford many low-caps, some guns don't even have lowcaps. BB are not as accurate as bullets, 2-3 BBs will behave like one real bullet. So Mid-cap or low-cap plus slightly higher ROF is fine.

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