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Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
Things may be different in BC, I don't know
The situation in Kelowna is the public are hyper sensitive and will call the police when they see a gun. We're talking about neon colours in the hands of a kid in a car seat.

The situation in Kelowna is that there was a well publicized takedown of some local players carrying AEGs down a walking path.

Any Christmas tree farm I've seen around here has been setup with very good road access so in other words in public view. Since I don't know what farm it is can't speculate further. It could be way up some back road with no traffic and neighbors who are aware of what's going on and down with it.

Those are dice though that I don't suggest people roll. There's a pretty laid back group in the area and the only real hitch about getting to the games is you have to drive there. If you're 15 etc. that can be a problem.

Opinion would have me saying the fellow who started this thread is sensible and doing his due diligence.
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