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Please Answer These Qs for a pre-newbie

Hi everyone, this is my first post. I am a big fan of airsoft, have been watching the trend for couple years now and the sport has become very attractive to me (legal to own a gun, more players join, better guns, more affordable and steady income after graduation).

But, I have my reservations, and I like to get some opinions on them before I jump in the sport.

I, like many others, like airsoft for its authenticity. Yes, airsoft looks really real but how real does it play out in the field, that's the part where I hesitate in joining the sport.

1. Range issues. From what I gathered, 400pfs roughly gets you 30m accurate shooting and 50m for man size if you are lucky. But 50m is really short, isn't it? I can imagine how frustrate it is to see some1 and you have to sneak up THAT close to open fire.

2. ROF and midcap hicap issue. Most of the videos I see, it's spray and pray. Ok, not wild spray, but still. With players running 300rd hicap and lipo, it is really unrealistic. And under such dense fire, even sticking a head out seems dangerous. I mean, some guns shoots so fast, the BBs are like a string of dots.

3. Recoil and full auto. I know recoil is a technical restriction, so there is no solution to it. But full auto + no recoil, isn't it just like COD? How do you people like it? Doesn't it ruin some of the "realistic" experience?

4. Sound and stealth. Even the loudest AEG seems much much quieter than silenced weapon. Coupled with "1 hit kill" and "dead man don't talk" rules. Isn't it frustrating hard to find where enemy is especially everyone is wearing camo.

5. Gun differentiation, Mp5 = M4 = MSG as long as they are equipped with 300round mag.. that turns me off.

I am really interested in airsoft, but those factors I mentioned above really turns me off.

I think airsoft should be like:

1. smg = 250fps + fullauto
2. rifles = 400fps + semi
3. mg = 400fps + fullauto but limited to 1 per 5 player or less
4. pistol = 250fps
5. all guns can carry less than twice of its real counter part (eg. 60 rounds for rifles). This is to limit hi-cap spam but compensate for inaccuracy of airsfots.
6. rof should be no faster than 2/3 of its real counter part (applys to smg and mg, rifle is semi) because the rounds travel much slower than real bullet, it is unrealistic to have the BBs fire this fast (think about distance between each bullet)

Can you guys offer some of your opinion why you enjoy Airsoft and how do you deal with "unrealistic" part of airsoft where "realistic" is big part of why airsoft is so attractive.
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