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Beginner looking to buy gun, In need of pro advice


I'm thinking of getting into airsoft, and would like to get a reliable gun for both MilSim and CQB games.

I've done some research and looked into a lot of guns and I really like the KWA Full Metal LM4 PTR GBBR. (Link to the gun

The main reasons I'm interested in this gun are the realism, weight and recoil wise. As well as the durability that comes with full metal guns. On top of that, since I would be ordering from the US, the price is amazing comparable to what I've seen going for this much at Canadian retailers.

However I have some concerns,
- First: I'm wondering if this gun would be legal in Ontario (Specifically Toronto area), I'm not well versed in airsoft laws in our province.
- Second: Related to the first question, I know that ships to Canada. Do you airsoft pros see any problems with this gun getting through customs?
- Third: Since this is a gas powered gun do you think the cooldown effect will be a big issue when playing MilSim (if it even runs) in the fall and winter months. After watching the stress test video at 3:26 on the gun's page, it looks reliable enough to withstand the cold. But you guys would know best.

PS: The reason I chose this gun is because I have experience firing a real M4, I've looked into other recommended guns and even though I'm new I don't want to get a cheap feeling beginner gun.

So what do you guys think? Should I buy it? If not any other recommendations? and do you think any of my concerns listed above be an issue with making this purchase?

Thanks for the help, I'm very excited to be getting started with the sport!
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