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Sorry for late answers - i really was been busied on prepairing to closing summer season in Kamchatka.

Originally Posted by QuincyXavier View Post
This is very interesting. In winter, what temperatures do you play in? How well do the guns perform? How many players do you usually have?
In winter we plays at temperatures near -15 degrees of Celsium. NiMH batteries is not useable in the at temperature, and we are using a LiFePO batteries, it is approximately 1500-2000 shots. But need a special recharger for it No problems with the guns minimum players - a team (10-12 members), maximum players - all teams and beginners without teams - near 350. Usually - 70-120, depending on game type.

As awesome as it sounds, not everyone can afford to pay 2200 USD to go play airsoft plus unless gear is provided, it is quite hard for canadians to bring their own gear all the way to another country. even with paper work filled in to allow our guns to be brought out its still a pain in the ass.
sum of 2000 usd I calculate approximately. I really dont know, how much a price for tickets to Anchorage I can to say about sum which will need in Kamchatka. At maximum, it will be:
- 6 days on 40 usd - 240 usd
- 7 days for food 30 usd a day - 210 usd.
- some much more (souvenirs, alco, etc) - 100-200 usd.

maybe it will be lower that i think, and, however, it trouble can be decided by discount of airline.
About troubles with the crossing boundary - from our side it is no problem. If i will find a contacts of embassy of USA in Canada, i can to take maximum info about crossing boundary between Canada and USA and to try to decide it. I think it is no problem too (if men in embassy are adequate).

Returning to money question. You have a lot of time to accumulate a sum. it is can be a own accumulaties, sponsor help etc. For example - if some of your organizations (teams, or structures like our Team Leaders Counsil) want to organize a team to us, maybe make a some higher (3-5 USD from one man) cost of the ames an accumulate a money in special fund.

What's the security situation like in the region? The idea is very tempting, the people going to this clearly need the $$ to do such a trip it's not for the avg joe.
What do you mean under word "security"? If it is about criminality, of cource we have a some level of it, but no more like any other place. If it about bears, we have a some trouble in that case, but we usually decide it problem.

In parallel, i try to link to alaska airsofter, but it does not turn out yet If you cant to go to us, maybe you will help me to find a contact to Alaska airsofters. It will be valid the real cooperation

If you have a any questions, i ready to answer it.

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