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Damn, I guess I was naive when I read somewhere that I should oil my barrel... Ok, so I'll clean all the parts, and yeah I know sometimes taking everything apart and putting it back together seems to work, it's weird like that. But look, seriously if I had done my research, I would have bought a KWA SR-12 and upgraded a few parts to increase range and accuracy. Good thing about having purchased an ECHO1, I have asked a lot of questions and have learned quite a few things that can only help me understand AEG's better. It's no secret, KWA is the best out there, and from many I hear KWA is even better than Systema PTR's, but I guess the price range is a factor. Anyways I'll get to work.

I am however curious, is the air nozzle supposed to rotate? Or is it supposed to be fixed into place? Because my nozzle has a cross shaped opening, I believe like G36 models, and seeing it rotates... I don't know, just a thought.
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