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Woohoo, just thought I'd check the bylaws for Sarnia...

Exceptions: "Part 2.3 of this By-Law does not apply:

to the discharge of a paintball, BB, pellet, or other
type of air-gun with a velocity of 152.4 m/sec (500
ftjsec) or less, on a single parcel of land containing 2
acres or more; "

Part 2.3: "No person shall discharge a firearm or bow, or be in possession
of a loaded firearm or bow, within that portion of the City shown
within the heavy lines on the map attached hereto as Schedule
"B", and described in Schedule "C", except as authorized by Part

So unless I'm reading it wrong, if you have 2+ acres of land in Sarnia, you're good to go airsoft wise :-)

=== EDIT: Tho it would still be prudent to alert the police to what you're doing, so as not to get a "We got a call about guys with guns" visit from the local SWAT... ===

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