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Originally Posted by koxdipy View Post
A friend of me has an m203 with a madbull coČ shell.
He is now using green gas but the results are very poor.
Now he has some questions where i have no experience with.

1) Is coČ that much better? what are the results of green gas vs coČ?

2) There are 2 different adaptors for coČ from madbull, one that uses coČ capsules and the other you place on a bottle, wich one do you suggest to get?


3) How many m203 shells can you load with one coČ capsule (he is using the 204 rounds shell)?

4) how many m203 shells can you load with one small bottle of coČ (he is using the 204 round shell)?

5) Any suggestions for a small bottle?

He ony uses coČ to load m203 shells.
1) yes. Higher psi with co2
2) it's essentially the same but the one has the 12 gram cartridge cage. It can be removed and used on a 20oz tank
3) about 3 - 4 depending on what psi you use
4) small bottle? A 20oz tank will do lots
5) you can get smaller co2 bottles but get expensive to fill

Co2 or bust. Propane sucks and smells. Stick with co2 grenades

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