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What can the problem be?

I'm running out of idea's. I have an Echo1 ER25K, internally I have changed the barrel to a Lonex 6.03 509mm tightbore, the bucking for a KWA 2G, which included a KWA nub, and swapped to a Madbull Ultimate Hop up unit. From my knowledge, these are all high quality parts. My barrel is clean and oiled up, my bucking and nub are properly installed, and my hop up unit is feeding properly. I'm using quality .3g BB's, yet I'm getting such a bad consistency. Some BB's fly upwards, some downwards, to the left and right. So in this case 1 out of 5 shots land exactly where they're supposed to. Can the air nozzle be causing this? If anyone has ideas please let me know.
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