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Newbie from Kingston with some questions

Hello forum,

I'm a newbie to the game currently living in Kingston, ON. I was wondering if there are any games in the area that I can come to as an introduction to airsoft, maybe talk to some experienced airsofters and see what kind of kit they have?

I've read all the FAQs and have been lurking for a while, but there's just so much info that it's easy to get overwhelmed. I've also looked at the Events forum, but I don't see anything near my area. Then again, I might just be blind.

One question I have is whether it would be a good idea to invest in an AEG right off the bat. I already have a cybergun p226 that I got on impulse, and I'm looking at the KA M4 that's been highly recommended.

Any thoughts and replies appreciated! Thanks and cheers.
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