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Originally Posted by firemachine69
I see, a provision was made. But, again, keep in mind you can just swap for heavier BBs to hit under 500fps, as long as the 5.7J isn't exceeded.

And that's where the problem lies. The gun shoots at 600fps with .2's... So by legal definition of the firearms act, it's illegal. But wait! Load up .36's, and it's 470fps, it's now legal?

The "fps" is purely a soccer mom freak thing. Kinda like a top speed on a car. Should be purely based on energy.
Well no, because the weapon is "capable of" firing a projectile at over 500 fps the weapon is a firearm. It does not matter if at this particular moment it is loaded with projectiles that don't go that fast.

The law is clear in this regard.. as it deals both with the weapon and the projectile.
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