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Hey lurking- I guess thats right really as calibre/ranges are totally different vs the real deal. There is still the handling aspect though. A forward heavy rifle is gonna handle smoother + have a longer sight radius vs. that mp5. so for playing in the woods Id assume that a rifle would be a bit better handling/accurate but hell I dunno.

Plenty of folks on youtube seem alright with their mp5s.
since the guns really only shoot on average about 150 ft accurately, and most field engagements in the bush are probably less than that, you tend not to notice sighting differences between an SMG and a longarm.

Barrel length has less to do with accuracy in airsoft than quality of hopup material and BB. So the only thing that would be left is your comfort level in handling a particular shape of gun. It might be a bit easier to acquire a sight picture with iron sights on a longer weapon, but a reflex sight really negates it when it's properly zeroed... point and fill the reticle with target and shoot.
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