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As promised, my packing list for EW-V back in March.

And yes, I have a shag carpet in my basement. You're jealous!

The whole shebang:

AKS74 Series Weapon Plus Backup
2x LCT AKS74 - Prometheus FTK, M120 Spring, 360 with .25's (AK74 standing in while other AKS74 is in the shop)

Sealed and Rated Googles, 2 Pairs
1x ESS Turbofans, 1x Revision Exoshield, 1x Wiley-X SG-1 with Mesh Inserts

< 3000 MaH worth of Batteries in at least 2 Batteries.
3x 1500 MaH 9.6v Stick Batteries. (Also showing 3x 2100MaH Crane Stock batteries for full stock AK)

Low or Midcap Magazines
9x G&P Fakelite Magazines

2x M88 Afghanka in size 60-6 with Collar Liners and Motor Rifles Collar Pins
1x KLMK Size 3
1x Repro Soviet Gorka

4 Pairs of Woolen Socks
4x Wigwam Brand Wool Boot Socks

Warm Hat (Ushanka or Black Watch Cap)
1x RusFed Issue Ushanka with Officer's Badge
1x Black Fleece Watch Cap
1x Podshlemnik Balaclava

Long Underwear
2x Brown Thermal Hunting Underwear

Soft Cap (Kepi)
1x Kepi with Subdued Officer's Badge size 58

1x Soviet Issue SSh68 Size P2

1x RusFed issue Black Fingerless Gloves, Size Medium
1x Soviet issue 3 Finger Wool Lined "Shooters" Mittens, Size Elephant.

Black Leather Boots in Appropriate Design
1x Size 44 M94 RusFed Jackboots
1x Size 44 Rubberized Sapogi
1x Size 12 5.11 Tactical "Sleet-8" Side Zip Winter Boots (same as last year)

Military Sleeping Bag
1x Soviet Issue Military Sleeping Bag

Military Wool Blanket (2 Total)
1x RusFed Issue Grey Wool Blanket
1x Soviet Issue Black/Blue Wool Blanket (as old as I am)

Load Bearing Gear
1x Harness with Belt, Suspenders, AKM Type 2 Bayonet, 2 Cell Grenade Pouch, Canteen, Saperka, and 4 Cell Magazine Pouch.

1x Malinkaya Pehotnaya Lapata (MPL) Small Infantry Shovel

Knife or Bayonet
1x Type 2 AKM Bayonet, Bakelite Grip and Sheath, Manufactured at Tula Arms Plant.

Minimum 2 Dead Rags
2x Red Bandannas

1x Kommanderski "Green Face" VDV Airborne Watch
1x Soviet Elektronika Digital Casio Knockoff

Mess Kit with Spoon, Small Cup, Dish Rag
1x Mess Kit with 1x Soviet Issue Spoon, Soviet Issue Green Cup, and Dish Rag

1x Soviet Issue Wrist Compass. *1x Soviet Issue "Artillery" Engineering/Officers Compass.

East Bloc Flashlight
1x Czech Issue 2x D Cell Light with Filters
2x Spare D Cell Batteries for Light.

Notepad and Pen/Pencil
1x Rite in the Rain Notepad
1x Box of Pencils, 1x Sharpener

Personal First Aid Kit
Bandaids, Moleskin, Advil, Neosporin

Personal Care/Grooming Kit
Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Wt Wipes, Chap Stick, Advil, Bandaids, Soap, Shampoo, Foot Powder, Moisturizer, Toilet Paper, Neosporin, Shaving Kit, Fingernail Clippers.

Equipment Care Kit
Boot Polish Kit, Extra Soviet Boot Polish, Sewing Kit, Twine, Blue Tape, Bailing Wire

Ability to Carry 2L of Water into Combat
3x 800ml Flyashka with Covers (1 for Harness/Armor Belt, 2 for Veshmeshok)

Light Blue or White Undershirt
3x Old Navy Button Top Thermal Undershirts

1x Veshmeshok as made in 1958

Body Armor Vest
1x 6b3 Size 2, made in 1989, with full armor and plates.

Russian Parka
1x Full Winter Afghanka Pants and Parka set.

Petrol Stove
1x Primus Stove, 1x Flask for Fuel (Totally cut off at the top right of this photo)

Sleeping Pad and Cot
1x Polish Rubberized Insulated Sleeping Pad
1x OD Green Sportsman's Guide Cot

Carpet for Comfort/Personal Space
1x 2'x6' "Kazmir" Red Runner from Home Depot.

1x Plash-Platka with 2 Pole Sections and 3 Stakes

1x Soviet Gas Mask Crate (Footlocker)

Not much is changing between EW-V and EW-VI. I picked up a 7.62x39 ammo box. I'm going to put all the small items (personal kit, razor, boot kit, gloves, etc) as digging for them at the bottom of my crate, especially after sleep deprivation, is not fun.
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