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Cool- Im getting a bit of a feel for what this is about. Thanks to you guys for filling me in on milsims.

Still sounds like I can bring

Gun, something to carry mags in, a spare, BBs....

and of course check out the milsim and bring whats required to get into it + not show up in jeans and a T-shirt to an event people are trying to put on with a theme.
That way its gradual buildup of gear.

Hey lurking- I guess thats right really as calibre/ranges are totally different vs the real deal. There is still the handling aspect though. A forward heavy rifle is gonna handle smoother + have a longer sight radius vs. that mp5. so for playing in the woods Id assume that a rifle would be a bit better handling/accurate but hell I dunno.

Plenty of folks on youtube seem alright with their mp5s.
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