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A truly competitive person will never cheat to win; they understand that you never win if you cheat. Competitive based games come down to two things. For starters, "what type of games do you want to host", and "as a player, if you don't like competitive games, then don't attend them".
One has to take in consideration that, in this case, we are talking about 2 events that were held over a 2 years period, during which the same organisor hosted over a dozen events with a pretty regular player base. So most teams have played against each other or together for quite a long time, also considering that those teams also attend games hosted by other people in the province.

This being said, IMO refs are not there to monitor the usual bad players behaviors such as not calling hits or else. Refs are playing a major role in making calls FAST over issues that might leave place to interpretation and give a unfair advantage to one or the other team. For instance, clarifying ambuigity about field limits, is this hole in the wall too small to shoot through, is the player inside the area hit by a grenade. In other words, making calls right away about anything that could be left to interpretation, even to the most honest players.

EDIT: and just to put in perspective how fast refs have to take their decisions, remember that the CQB event involves a 5 on 5 game with no respawn with a 30 minutes time limit. The game can be as short as 5 minutes.

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