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Originally Posted by Long_Bong View Post

Post mortem for next year:

I m also considering having a league system in place in the Montreal area for next year, using a scoring system for each team
Hi Bong, I'm not so sure it's a good idea, I was at the 2 tournaments you organized and had a ton of fun but as in any competition we were stressed all day long, something I was not used to see during my 9 years in this sport.

I was in different sports before playing airsoft and in a competitive environment I saw bad things happen, friends started to take it too seriously and we didn't have fun anymore, only wanting to win.

When I didn't enjoy it anymore, I quit the sport because if I won I was happy and if I lost I was sad...that's not what I was looking for in a hobby, I have enough stress at work and I want to have fun with my buddies during my off time.

I know that most of our team members don't like to play in tournaments because they know that they take comptetition too seriously and they don't have fun competing against other teams.

We are afraid that it could change the friendship between teams as it evolves into a more competitive environment.

It's only my 2 cents, I love airsoft, I enjoy the friendship and camaraderie this sport brings us and I also greatly enjoy the games you organize but I think that 1 competition a year is a good idea and just enough.

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