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Originally Posted by nuky View Post
its a good place but the bastard BB arent then best there and the ref shots ppl in the game my g&p M4 was jamming there all night
Nuky, the BBs being used are to the same spec as our .20g product that we retail, they are just colored red so the host can ensure everyone is using a .20g BB. I know some people are objecting to using field BBs, (a small minority) however, it is a safety and game control issue. This ensures between chrony and gun, everyone is shooting within field FPS and joule limits. In fact UA has one of the best field safety management policies I've ever seen at an indoor venue. Regarding the ref shooting you in the game, it is part of their procedure to ensure people are calling their hits. Just call your hit and move on, thats all they are looking for.

If you're a regular player, BB Bastard will be at Ultimate Airsoft on a regular schedule shortly (because we like playing there too!) and our gun tech can look at your gun and give you some advice on why you might be having problems. There is a wide variety of gun characteristics that can affect BB feeding, as well as care, maintenance and upgrade issues. UA is really good about creating an environment that is consistent for everyone, but unfortunately the one thing they cannot control or be responsible for is your weapon platform. They chose BB Bastards because we've got a very engaged customer service policy, a high product quality policy and have the best success in the widest range of airsoft platforms. In short, if you have an issue, we'll look at it.
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