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Originally Posted by danceswithpellets View Post
just looked at a g&g Canada based dealer has them for $570.00 for the socom version.
Sounds right up my alley except for price...

I think Ill be happy if I get a rifle that can be converted to whatever. It seems to me without calibre restrictions for real guns you can improve the range of most airsoft guns, right?

Mp5 could be made to shoot out to 80 yards with the right upgrades about as much as other guns.

Im liking the Mp5s by ICS and g&g. whats word on the street about these?

Classic army Classic Army CA33 KA3 seems alright too and is only $300. too good to be true?

edited for justice

First off, dont buy the ics Mp5 i own one and personally do not recommend it. I think there are some retailers you still need to check out. You can get a good m14 for 175-220$ on one site. Still think you should start off with an all purpose M4 but an Ak47,G36c,416, will do the same thing. M4s are just externally more upgradable but i personally dont like the look of many should try some different roles before jumping into the game. Like rushing, long range, sniper(doesnt work for a lot of people) and DM. I personally love rushing with my ICS mx5 that i over paid for. And importing is another thing should watch out for. I got away with importing my M14 but i got lucky. Remember, its all personal preference. There is no best gun, its the person who uses it.
Also, most guns stock arent the greatest. Make sure to shimm, regrease, and get good compression when playing. This will increase longevity and performance. But dont do it yourself, get a gundoc to do it. If you know one personally, ask if you can watch them do it, and learn about your gun. One day you'll be able to do it.
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