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Originally Posted by danceswithpellets View Post
Well, I'm looking forward to starting hunting next year so I should be good for picking up camo/boots. However not sure how much money I want to spend on gear that doesn't cross over. Do I have any business going into a milsim game without molle, plater carrier, mag wells etc...etc...???
If you understand what the term Milsim means, versus what the ordinary skirmish type event is, then yes, it does matter. Milsim is that - Military Simulation - each event has it's own specific requirements for attendee's to meet in terms of guns, gear and equipment, depending on what the theme is, and what side(s) you are playing on. They are definitely not a "come as you are, in your own style" that skirmish type field events are. Review the events section and pay attention to what some of the upcoming longer 18-24 hour events require (in the Ontario section) in terms of the above. Similar events do occur in Alberta. Failure to meet the requirements of the team that you join / failure to come prepared will usually result in you being asked to go home.

Example - OP NIGHTFALL 18 hr. Milsim: - Pay attention to all the requirements, and how the teams are broken up. You would stand out like a sore thumb if you signed up for green team, wearing hunter green camo, with mags hanging out of your pockets.

Signing up for Skirmish type events, the requirements are rather a bit more loose, but you do want to try to get the minimum military style equipment and clothing to support you on the field. This isn't hunting, this is simulated combat, even at the skirmish level - equip accordingly.

This isn't a cheap sport by any means - if you are light of pocket, then you need to revise where you are at now, and decide whether you can indeed afford this. Generally accepted minimum investment is generally considered $1000.00-1500.00 in guns and gear, to start. You'll continue spending money on that initial investment, if this sport is for you.

Yes getting age verified for the classifieds can be worth it - indeed, 5 minutes ago, an advert for a like new in box CYMA M14 Socom in Calgary popped up for $200.00 - this is below average retail price for the gun when taxes are considered, currently.
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