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Originally Posted by redzaku View Post
do this and fill out your location, would be helpful in order to direct you a age verifier that lives near or at least closest to your location
since your bud is thinking of buy a G36 style rifle, now you have to think of what kind of vest, such as LBV, chest rigs, and plate carrier, it all depends on your style of play
for you, i would recommend a 5.11 LBV, lots of MOLLE real estate, you can have many pouches if you have a GBB or AEG SMG for a secondary, vent well if you decide to wear a ghillie suit, and light weight light weight, see nutnfancy review on the vest
a chest rig, have the same features, just does not have a lot MOLLE real estate
for your pal, a plate carrier or the 5.11 LBV
Boots, surplus or what ever your budget can offer
BDU, surplus or what ever your budget can offer and what kind of camo pattern you like

Well, I'm looking forward to starting hunting next year so I should be good for picking up camo/boots. However not sure how much money I want to spend on gear that doesn't cross over. Do I have any business going into a milsim game without molle, plater carrier, mag wells etc...etc...???

Thanks for the tips mate its all good learning quite a bit. glad I stepped into the newbie tank.

And Im in SW Calgary. Ill look into this age thing if the deals are as great as you say vs. the online retailers Im looking at.

The classifieds are going to be all used, yes? Im not so sure if want...

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