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Originally Posted by Ready View Post
This is a really good idea, and I'm sure it'd be fun, but I just don't think I can go all the way to Russia, I don't have the time and money.

Just curious though, what FPS limits do you guys play with?
1. we have a 8 month to the event, i think a tickets to the Anchorage will be cost near 600-700 USD (it is a 1500 USD in a two-way), and 500-700 USD in Kamchatka (hotel and food an drink ), in summarizing - 2000-2200 USD. With the entusiasm - anyone can to find a possibility to accumulate a sum It is not big sum even for russians.

for pistols: 100 m/sec=328 fps
for automatic weapon/carabines: 130 m/sec=427 fps
for LMG: 150 m/sec=494 fps
for sniper rifles: 172 m/sec=566 fps
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