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Originally Posted by danceswithpellets View Post
that sounds appealing what do those cymas go for around here? Since I likely couldnt do the work myself, im assuming, it might not be cost effective for me to go that route.

Thansk gents very helpful input! As per getting age verified not sure if that's worth my time...How much better is the selection and how much money will I save? I have already found a reasonable amount of canadian dealers (stores) online.

Really debating this DMR thing- if I just get a pistol grip rifle like the m4 dont I have the same capabilities as a dmr? airsoft doesnt shoot near far enough to really take advantage of a scope anyway does it?
CYMAs aren't very expensive (as low as $180 - $350+) actually compared to some other brands and they're actually not that bad either. Unfortunately they focus mainly on AK variants except for the one m14 model mentioned above.

Getting age verified gets you more help and opens much more possibilities for you than just purchasing airsoft in this website. In my opinion, extra information is worth the couple hours to get verified, especially in a country where the airsoft community helps each other to the best of their ability.

One more thing, airsoft is an very expensive hobby to start...debating what gun will be your first purchase may not meet your expectations. comparing a m4 to a dmr...well, there's a pretty big gap between, the model, the upgrades, the range...
But judging from your questions (airsoft does shoot far enough to take advantage of a scope), I think its best if you actually go out and play a few rounds before you begin debating for a more permanent purchase...

A person can dream about being the team sniper and spend hundreds building a sniper rifle only to play on the field as a sniper and realize just how it was NOT how they imagined it to be...
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