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If you want a decent m14 outta the box , buy TM M14 . Although i did buy a cyma M14 once and it was ok outta the box after i changed the hop up bucking and cleaned and regreased it .
that sounds appealing what do those cymas go for around here? Since I likely couldnt do the work myself, im assuming, it might not be cost effective for me to go that route.

Thansk gents very helpful input! As per getting age verified not sure if that's worth my time...How much better is the selection and how much money will I save? I have already found a reasonable amount of canadian dealers (stores) online.

Really debating this DMR thing- though I would like an m14 socom mainly because I have one and it would be cool to practice without having to go to the range. If I buy a decent brand of socom around $500 then I can always upgrade it later, right?

Any brands that offer something like that gents?

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