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I just think it'd be nice to have a private field somewhere in which "hot guns" running at higher fps than most field limits allow could be used.
Sure I would still go to regular limited games and fields, and fully obey thier limits and riles but it'd be nice to have a break from the limits and meet up with a bunch of ppl who know what they were getting into and don't mind a little pain or putting more attention into thier playing styles to play with higher fps.

Obviously our laws do put certain limits on our guns but a field where ppl keep it a little closer to those limits if not right at them wouldn't be a bad thing in my books.

All n all in the end They play how they like to play over there and I'm sure noone is forcing them to.
I don't find it bad in any way just different.......and truthfully I wish playing games as he described wasn't something that I unfortunately missed out on due to it being a reletively new sport here like poncho said and our culture being so safety oriented (which also isn't a bad thing) our safety conciousness just might not float everyones boat.
Some ppl just don't mind and may even prefer a little added pain or "danger"

If there's any private fields out there with higher than average limits that anyone can point me towards it'd be appretiated.

I feel ripped off now. I haven't had to spoon a bb out of myself yet. :sad: ;-)
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