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So we just had the Olympic 2012, again aiming at putting a competitive edge into airsoft game.

I planned on having it at the same place as the 2011 edition (The Mill, CQB), but a major fire inside the site a week end prior to the game made me change the planning.

So, I when for a competitive game, outdoor.

3 teams (mixing of the 2 to 3 five mans team that were planned for the CQB). Team of around 14 players. No BDU rules in place.

The game was 3 rounds of 1.5 hours, each team had a specific objective with point related to it, and each team changed base after each round, in order to have a shot at each objective. During the 3 rounds, all team also had the objectives of capturing enemy from the 2 opposite force (2 Pts per capture, each player could be captured 4 times during the day).

Objective 1 was to travel across the field, to retrieve a specific item (with location on the map), all this while going across the 2 other teams fighting it out. 2 respawn per player during the round.

Objective 2 and 3 were simply to capture as much enemy as possible, while stopping the team having objective one from making it.

All these using the following basic rules:

Limited ammos, 500 rounds per player per round (Black BBs, 0.25, supply by admin), Real Cap in effect, all mags had to be loaded with the real life capacity of the weapon.
One medic per 5 players, one revive possible before needing to go to the respawn at there base (expect player wearing replica armor plate (5 pound each), in that case, 2 revives were possible).

Day when along very well, my main concern was the pause in between scenario (30 minutes each), slowing the game progression and momentum. Turn out it was not too bad. Players had a lot of positive feedback at the end.

This event actually made me reconsider how to organise game (rather then have a long continuous day, having sequence and alternating objectives, this to compare team performance and please skirmisher and milsimer alike (with easy and hard objective).

Post mortem for next year:

Find a way to encourage players that are ready to roll right away to go back in the game (rather then wait for the 30 minutes pauses).

Reduce the amount of ammos per player per round. Use white BBs.

Reduce the advance deployment rule for specific scenario, from 5 minutes to 2 minutes to reduce how much ground a team can cover before the game on).

Design 3 different scenario with 3 levels of difficulty.

The no BDU restriction turned out well, no much friendly fire, players knews who they were with (90% senior player with lot of experience, which is mandatory IMO for this type of game).

I m also considering having a league system in place in the Montreal area for next year, using a scoring system for each team, we have about 4 actives outdoor teams, with a couple of year of existence each, within 90 mins of game site (Wendigo, Smokerz, Black Spade, Napkins, ANV, Ghost, Deux de pique, FAQ, Silverback, Invasian Crew) they all mix along very well, so they can all have a separate league score and play with different team on a given side as the season progress. More to come on that : )
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