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Originally Posted by kaos99 View Post
The M4 is sound, look at this beauty...

Really is not that expensive for its specs, 300fps! This place here has a decent variety of Airsoft Guns. It came with a battery and charger so it's pretty handy as a first gun, eases you in nicely while you save up for a better one after a bit of playing around!

I'm a bit of a newbie myself but I hope that helps you out a bit!
#1 - 300fps is set up for UK FPS/Joule standards, as such, 300fps is pretty weak for primary weapon field use, in Canadian outdoor field events. It's useable, but meh.. i'd be upgrading it by about 75 fps (375 fps on .20's) right off the bat, so i could be using .28 bb's without them dropping like a stone about 100 feet out. I say using .28's or similar, because in the outdoor fields i go to, the extra weight ammo is good for punching through light foliage and keeping on going. Indoor use, it'd be fine. My opinion only.

#2 - Your URL link is UK based, and 300 fps falls below the minimum import standards of 366fps to get across the Canadian border. It'll get seized and you'll be out your money without recourse. The photo is linked to a US site, and one that neither guarantees shipping to Canada, nor has a particularly good reputation. Kaos99 please get yourself educated first, before dispensing advice to others or costing yourself some money with a seized gun. Some friendly advice.

Domestically, prices and variety has improved markedly within the past year as the border restrictions have relaxed, including for entry and mid-level guns. It makes a lot of sense to be buying what you need, in-country now. Get age-verified and then find the retailer section here - you can then get hooked up with one of the uber-competitively priced domestic retailers for the gun of your choice, without the very real risks of and hassle of importation.

#3 - No linking to gun retailers in the newb tank. This is something requiring age verification, and what the Restricted Age of Majority Discussion sub-forum is for.

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