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Hello from Russia

Hello. My name is Alexander, I'm a airsoft player and game master from Kamchatka region, Russia.

I want to discuss a possibility of airsoft competitions between Canada airsoft players and Russia airsoft plaayers in June or July, 2013 in Kamchatka region

Let me tell some words about competitions, airsoft in Kamchatka and my region.

1. Competitions
In that year our team was in neighbour region - Magadan. Airsoftert of that region organize it. In the next year competitions will be in Kamchatka.
Competitions are doing for teams of 5-6 warriors, and different stages doing at different days. We are making the disciplines:
- Knife battle. A team give 1 member for competition. Competition does by olympic system (loser is come out from competition). The duel do with the training knifes of soft plastic (it is non-traumatic) Base rules: one hit-one point. The man, who takes 3 points is winner and go to next stage. Contact by any part of a body is forbidden.
- Encounter attack. Teams are takes a own points (different sides of territory or building). At the command they start to to find, grasp and bring (either to destroy, or to hold certain time) a certain object. Analog CTF, but no one command dont know, what kind of mission will be.
- Practical shooting. In 3-floors building a targets is located. TASK: For the shortest time to find and strike all targets in a building. Firing is allowed only from certain points. A route there pass at most 2 members of team, however their time is summarized.
- Rescue a hostage. In the building - 3 terrorists and 1 hostage. Task: For the shortest time rescue a hostage and destroy all terrorist without casualties. Counts a time and penaltties for casualties and killing hostage. Of cource, it is a basic plan, it will be corrected, but no much
Pics from the events:

2. Airsoft in Kamchatka
i'll try to tell you about airsoft in Kamchatka. I'll be speak about common moments, about event, which I spoke in thread Hello from Russia, and will tell some words about Kamchatka. Also i'll try to make a pics by using direct linksto pics in our forum. If the will not to show in that forum, tell me about this.

1. Airsoft in Kamchatka.
In Kamchatka "airsoft" called "strikeball". Further I will use this word, as more habitual for me. We have a 3 organizational units : Assotiation of Kamchatka Strikeball (AKS), Military and Patriotic Strikeball Club "Ris' " (VPSK "Ris' ") (in translating to English it wil bee "lynx") and Team Leaders Council (SK). First organization is union "ortodox" players, which are serious strikeballists, reconstructors, and plays most of the strikeball games. Second organization is engaged in beginners and minor players. AKS and VPSK "Ris' " are antagonists, and usually not plays at same game. Third organization is Higher structure in Кamchatka strikeball, which do the policy of Kamchatka Strikeball. It consist of Team Leaders and Game Masters (who do the games). I'm not a member of first and second organization, but I as a GM, a member of Team Leaders Council.
Our games is based on:
- fiction computer games (like S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Resident Evil, Aliens versus Predator etc.
- real military events
- Ourselves scenarios.
Some pics of our fiction games:

1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.:

2. AvP

Some pics from our real-based-events games:
1. 9 may

2. Kuril Landing Operation

Video from the game:

3. Some pics from ourselves games

As you can see, we are plays at any season and any weather. Even at night in the wood in a blizzard in the winter Other regions count that we are crazy

In actual, there are over 300 men and women, which plays strikeball in 15 operating teams. All team leaders a members of Team Leaders Council.

We have not sponsors of our games, and we are make a games by GM's entusiasm and GM's money. We are dont use a big objects like abandoned factories, but many former military bases in kamchatka, at here no restrictions to use. We are have'nt any private field, potentially, our play territory - all territory of region (exclude cities and other points, where people is lives, and operating government objects).

By our rules:
1. We don't resolve a play men who 18- years old
2. We don't resolve a play men who uses alcohol and/or narcotics
3. In order that the team was considered as team, in it not less than 10 people should consist
4. For manufacturing of imitations of grenades and mines we use the petards of the industrial manufacturing which have passed certification, from among available on free sale. Our grenade usually is еhe balloon filled with peas and a petard inserted into it. How looks our grenade:

5. We forbid to play who has no military clothes if it isn't provided by the concrete scenario of game
6. We are dont use a autotechnics at the game because safety of players. There was a tragic experience of use a technics, after that we dont use it.

Rules of the Kamchatka strikeball is much more, of course, but all of them I cant to translate.

At the end, sense of game - collective rest on a nature, neutralization of negative emotions and aggressive aspirations, pleasure of mutual communication of worthy people.

3. Kamchatka
kamchtka is one of most beautiful places of the world. Some of nature objects are in UNESCO list as a objects of the words's legacy.

There is over 400 volcanoes, 29 of them are operating.

Great proud of our region are fish (salmon) and bears. If look on the map of Kamchatka, contour looks like a salmon fish

Because of the volcanical activity, we have a hot thermal springs, in the places of it we are builds a sanatorium zones. Thermal water is very mineralized, and very useful for the helth (for example, I healed my skin when the official medicine says that it is no heal)

There is three cities in Kamchatka, and many little villages. Number of inhabitants of Kamchatks - 350 000, in Petropavlovsk - 200 000 peoples lives.

Many of our territory is empty, and never anybody stepping here

Peoples, who lives in Kamchatka a friendly and ready to help. It is because we have very difficult life because of climatic conditions, and we try to help each other.

Our cities is no good, it very old cities, bad roads, bad houses - our government not do something for its. I dont love my city, but i love Kamchatka. And many of my friends think that some.

================================================== ====

At the end.
We are ready to buy flight tickets from Anchorage to Kamchatka.

From you:
Possibility to go to Anchorage (tickets and vises),
payment for hotel (near 60 USD for night for 1 man, as the variant - field camp in the forest. Living in russian military tent and it will be no-cost. Other variant - living in our homes as our guests. It is no-cost too.),
payment for food (near 30 USD a day, but in the field camp - near 10 usd a day, but you will must to cook by youselves)

From us
Tickets from Anchorage to Kamchatka and back
No-cost automobile transport in Kamchatka
Solved problems on boundary in Russia
Our friendship and good relation

I ready to answer to your questions.

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