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Originally Posted by danceswithpellets View Post
Pretty much no clue about this airsoft thing. But a pal and I are pretty pumped for the idea of a camping/airsoft milsim game and have decided to get kitted out. That means a gun.

So help me "kit out" my 2 man squad forum!

Hes figuring on a g36 by umarex- good gun right?, $450.00 locally

Im thinking were gonna be rolling together so maybe something that could serve as a dmr at some point if I wanna get optics, to give us more range.(not sure about how range works in airsoft 100 yardd shots) really wouldnt mind getting a socom m14. or an mp5? is it possible/worth it to have a dmr in our situation?

Anyways ideas/opinions on brands are welcome as Im pretty overwhelmed derp! Not wanting a wal mart $100.00 gun but definitely nothing over $500/$550
General rule of thumb is, get yourself to a brick and mortar airsoft store, and try some on for size. For general middle of the road costing airsoft rifles/assault guns, it comes down more to ergonomics, versus actual range. I have both of your considerations, an Mp5A4/5 and an M14 Socom as secondary weapons/loaners. Both can range out to 200 feet or so, the MP5 is great for closer quarters, while the M14, not so much. When i want to reach out and 'touch' someone with a telescopic sight from more of a distance, out comes the M14. The M14 is somewhat heavier and unwieldy to be running and gunning, but the Mp5 is perfect for that. These are my secondaries - my primary is the ubiquitous M4 - which can do both reasonably well, and i don't feel silly using it for either role, ergonomically speaking. The M4, especially a shorter barreled version, is something of an all-rounder.

I don't know if the above makes a lot of sense, unless you try them on for size, so to speak. They both have their specialties in real life, and to a certain extent, so too they do in airsoft - but more in the sense of ergonomics.

I'm going to speak for what i am used to - AEG's. Range of airsoft ballistics is pretty much limited to 250-275 feet for the average airsoft long-gun. Accuracy of course is influenced by environmental conditions (ie. wind/foliage) and weight of the bb used. Spring rate basically dictates how quick the bb leaves the barrel, and sustains it's trajectory down-range. Then there is accurized tight-bore barrels, better hop-ups, aftermarket higher compression pistons in the mech-box, etc etc etc..

While you may be pumped for a milsim type game - i'd suggest trying out a few 'skirmish' type games for the first little bit to get into the groove, get into shape and learn tactics/procedures, as well as build up a passable kit (bdu's, webbing etc) suitable to the higher demands of milsim. It's not cheap, and it takes a bit of time to get a sense of what you need to outfit with - using skirmishes allows you to see what others use, what works, and what doesn't. It'll give you time to 'clue-in'.

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