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SO many guns....which one to make mine?

Pretty much no clue about this airsoft thing. But a pal and I are pretty pumped for the idea of a camping/airsoft milsim game and have decided to get kitted out. That means a gun.

So help me "kit out" my 2 man squad forum!

Hes figuring on a g36 by umarex- good gun right?, $450.00 locally

Im thinking were gonna be rolling together so maybe something that could serve as a dmr at some point if I wanna get optics, to give us more range.(not sure about how range works in airsoft 100 yardd shots) really wouldnt mind getting a socom m14. or an mp5? is it possible/worth it to have a dmr in our situation?

Anyways ideas/opinions on brands are welcome as Im pretty overwhelmed derp! Not wanting a wal mart $100.00 gun but definitely nothing over $500/$550
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