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Originally Posted by FirestormX View Post
The secrecy and "rare interview" thing seemed kind of odd to me. I read through this overly-vocal forum daily, and seen plenty of interviews with Brian over the years, so I can't imagine that everyone is so quiet and secretive if someone were to actually ask questions.
There's a reason why you get a salesman to sell your widgets and not your Engineers.

I once read a story about how some company once got their lead technical engineer to come in and pitch a client their program (because he knew the program the best, line by line at the low level) and needless to say it went horribly because Engineers typically aren't good at that kind of stuff unless they have training in public speaking and such. I guess the same would go for Tech Support, IT, Sysadmins, BOFH's, etc.

EDIT: @ MaciekA

I personally tend to be secretive about playing airsoft. However once I find someone who probably isn't an asshat and genuinely interested they're welcomed with open arms. I'm just too adverse of the risks of putting it out there and having some soccer mom bitch me out (how I'm the devil incarnate, a baby killer, a mass murderer, etc.). Honestly, if someone asks me why I enjoy airsoft in a condescending tone, my answer will probably be "because fuck you, that's why" (also my go to answer; for why I like "loud" pipes, why my code works and yours doesn't, why someones computer is slow, etc.).
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