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Hey Pare!

If you get the chance, send my props to "Major" (Luis) in 1st Recon, and an old buddy 'Allmighty'.

I kind of apologize for the response to the style you posted - one thing I guess you have to understand is that Canada completely missed the 'gas' age, and the sport as a whole in this country is only about 6 years old or so. So the styles here compared to the way our Pare's play, it's pretty easy to understand why.

I got 2 Pare's on my team who've all done it that way before, and I don't remember what my JAC's were running at because we didn't get a chrony until about 1989, when we shot the display out on the 3rd day. We were getting bleeders and welts with .12g's. Things change tho - sometimes for the better. Instead of arguing about getting hurt, we here in Canada continuously argue about petty shit on Airsoft dBoards for outlets and entertainment, usually following topics to a calendar.

Hope you get the chance to come up and come out to a game.

~ Cheers
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