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Originally Posted by Wolf427 View Post
Wow. Alright I'll make sure I do lots of research and buy the correct mask, or goggle & mask combo.
Meh, it's not all that complicated. I just like the sound of my keyboard.
Just get get a properly rated set of goggles and a sturdy mesh mask that is comfortable (remember, you'll be wearing it for a long time - you may need to sew additional cloth/padding to it), fits well, and feels good against your gun. (You'll probably want to get some sort of optic for your gun, since the mesh alters your cheek weld a bit. A red dot to quickly acquire the target, and to raise the aim point up a little bit).

First and foremost, make sure it's strong enough to take a BB, and doesn't mess up your eye protection (eg, won't bump your goggles up if you put your cheek to your rifle stock). Then, if you need extra comfort, you can sometimes bend the frame a bit (make it wider or tighter around your face), and sew in padding.

A PB mask isn't a bad alternative. With some good goggles in the mask, that are clean (remember, you won't have paint smudges building up on them throughout the day), your vision doesn't feel too impaired. If you take off the front visor (if your PB mask has it), you feel even less restricted.
You don't feel as "free" as goggles-only, but better safe than sorry, and you can get a feel for how your eye/face protection will work in a game.
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