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Originally Posted by Wolf427 View Post
Alright, so goggles, gun, and bb's.
Do you guys usually wear masks, or goggles/glasses?
see that is a good question

answer is , it depends

you first purchase MUST BE paintball approved goggles as most of the places you are likely to play at starting out will require them.

Full face vs just goggles is a personal choice .. and also modified by the type of games you tend to play.

For field play.. range is further.. shots are fewer you can get away with just goggles.

for close quarter play indoors.. full face is a very strong recomendation unless you like the gap tooth hillbilly smile.

also.. the "what to wear .. Goggles VS full face is a weekly topic here.. loads of threads on that..

But with anything you are starting out with.. start with full protection.. then reduce as you get more accustomed and comforatable to the the threat you face.
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