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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
Okay, while you drop your mag, reach into your pocket, dig out your bag of BBs, open the door to mag, and start calmly dropping BBs into the mag, what do you think the other guy you've just been exchanging fire with is doing; having tea?
Wouldn't you have to do that with any mag you try to reload on the middle of a game?
Regardless, I used my imagination a little after I made that post, and realized that if you pop out low/mid cap mag, drop your gun to the sling, and pre-loaded speedloader, you can load up just as easy, if not easier. (You can use a pre-loaded speedloader to pump BBs into the high cap reserve, but you have to wind it afterwards). So I'll drop this.

As for searching, I've found that the forum search isn't too great for finding general stuff. I prefer to use google, and just append "" to the query, so that it only returns results from [the non-AVed sections of] ASC
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