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Plissken, Sorry to hear about the loss bro. Glad you manned up to the fact that you wont get these back...but one question...

If this was under BWP at the time of theft....Wouldnt insurance just cover it? Why wouldnt BWP Claim for loss of personal/buisness property on premises? I`m pretty sure I read your items were not claimed? Why?

All I know, Is if you came to my house with your xbox360 and we went out to lift at the gym, and we came back and my flat screen is gone, your 360 is gone and they stole my fish...well I`d claim it with insurance. I`ll never see my fish again but I would be re-imbursed...So would you for having your item in my house. (this might be debatable with what kinda insurance coverage you have.)
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